Beth Chapman Dishes On Meeting ‘Blonde Bombshell’ Husband In Resurfaced Interview

Rick DiamondGetty Images

When Beth Chapman met Duane “Dog” Lee Chapman, it was love at first sight for the late reality TV star, according to a report from Pop Culture.

In a recently resurfaced A&E Dog the Bounty Hunter interview, Beth, who died on Wednesday, June 26, after a battle with cancer, described the exact moment she first caught a glimpse of her “blonde bombshell” husband and how their love story blossomed after a trip to the supermarket went terribly wrong.

While at the supermarket, Beth said she was standing in line with a bag of lemons when her boss at the time, a Colorado state senator, suddenly paged her. She then decided to step out of the line to find a pay phone to call her boss, but nearby security officers thought she was trying to steal the lemons and sprang into action.

“Now I’m a criminal, right? So I go to jail, I call this big dog lawyer…in Denver, Colorado, who happened to be a friend of Dog’s and he said, ‘You call up my friend, Dog.’ And I go, ‘Dog?'” she recalled in the clip, according to People.

After getting her bond and leaving jail, she said she started receiving calls from a man who threatened to take her back to jail if she didn’t come in to fill out some additional paperwork.

“So of course I go sauntering in there and I’m waiting and then all of a sudden, this blonde bombshell comes walking out from this back room dressed in black all studded out with this long, wavy, blonde hair with this thing,” she said, referring to Dog’s famous mane, as she gestured to her forehead.

Beth said she immediately thought to herself, “Oh yes, he will be mine. Let the stalking begin now.”

The late reality TV star said she soon came up with a plan to spend more time with her new crush. Beth decided to become a bail bondswoman and write a “whole bunch of bad bail” so that Dog would come and track down her fugitives. Clearly, her plan was a huge success as the couple had been married for over a decade before Beth’s untimely passing.

Beth had been placed into a medically induced coma by doctors at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, after a choking emergency, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The reality TV star was 51 at the time of her death.