‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Ignores Trolls, Shows Her Pride In Curve-Hugging Rainbow Bodysuit

Yanet GarciaInstagram

Yanet Garcia is showing off her pride while showing off her curves and ignoring her trolls.

The Mexican television personality, who has amassed a huge following online for her racy photos and videos, took to Instagram to share a picture and video of herself wearing a rainbow-emblazoned bodysuit that clung to all of her curves. The woman known online as the “world’s hottest weather girl” shares a message in the video that read “Love is love.”

Her fans were loving it.

“So adorable,” one wrote.

“Love it babe!” another commented.

Yet, the picture and video did also kick up a bit of controversy, with many taking to her comment section to decry LGBT pride and attack Pride Month, the worldwide celebration of the community. Pride Month this year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in New York City, seen as a seminal event in the LGBT rights movement.

Yanet Garcia was undeterred by the trolls, sharing another picture of herself showing off the rainbow bodysuit that included another message supporting the LGBT community.

The closing days of Pride Month have brought out a number of celebrities, athletes, and world leaders in support of the LGBT community. There are a series of celebrations planned in addition to the parades and events that have already taken place, including a massive one taking place in New York City to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, an event in which members of the LGBT community rose up against oppression and persecution from local police.

Yanet Garcia has joined those celebrating Pride Month, taking advantage of her massive following in order to share her message of love and acceptance. Garcia’s rise to fame has gotten plenty of attention, with many news outlets chronicling how a few viral photos helped bring worldwide attention to the Mexican weather girl. As the Sun-Sentinel reported, she took advantage of an industry trend toward including more young and attractive women to present the weather.

“Mornings tend to have more of a female viewership, but there are male viewers, too, who also tune in for the attractive women, analysts said,” the report noted. “While there has been a long tradition of women presenting weather on television, few had the training in meteorology.”

While Yanet Garcia may not be a trained meteorologist, she has certainly made a name in the weather presenting field and online as well, where she is one of the most-followed news personalities on Instagram.