‘One Piece’ Chapter 947 Spoilers, Recap: Luffy Accidentally Surpasses His New Haki Master At Prisoner’s Mine

Ari HelminenFlickr(CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

In the ongoing One Piece Wano Arc, Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy started another intense training in preparation for their upcoming war against Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates. Though his life is at stake, Luffy voluntarily entered the Sumo Inferno Tournament with the hope of improving his Haki. Inside the Prisoner’s Mine, Luffy found a new Haki master – Hyogoro of the Flower. Also known as Old Man Hyo, he was the most famous yakuza boss in the Land of Wano 20 years ago.

The type of Haki Luffy is trying to develop is Busoshoku Haki. In the Land of Wano, it is called Ryuo. It is a form of Haki that allows the user to create an invisible armor that can be used in both offense and defense. The latest chapter of One Piece featured Luffy unleashing the same level of Busoshoku Haki Roger Pirates vice-captain Silvers Rayleigh used when he saved Caimie before her bomb collar exploded.

After seeing what Luffy did, Old Man Hyo said that the power that Straw Hat Pirates captain wielded is already beyond any Ryuo he could ever teach him. Only a few days have passed since their training started, but it seems like Luffy has also surpassed his new Haki master. Old Man Hyo believes that if Luffy possesses that type of power, he can block Emperor Big Mom’s punches with ease.

Unfortunately, when they continued their fight, Emperor Big Mom sent Luffy and Old Man Hyo flying to the wall with one punch. One Piece Chapter 947 revealed that Luffy is yet to master Busoshoku Haki and use it at his own will. Luffy admitted that he only managed to use the technique out of desperation and as of now, he can’t remember how he can unleash it again.

In the final scenes of One Piece Chapter 947, both Luffy’s training partners, Emperor Big Mom, and Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague are set to leave the Prisoner’s Mine. Emperor Big Mom fell asleep after regaining her memories, giving Queen the opportunity to capture her and bring her to Onigashima where Emperor Kaido is currently.

However, though Emperor Big Mom and Queen are already gone, Luffy still intends to continue his training with the help of the remaining members of the Beast Pirates at the Prisoner’s Mine. While Luffy is trying to further improve his Busoshoku Haki, Tony Tony Chopper, Kiku, and Raizou will grab the opportunity to free the people who could help them in their upcoming war against Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.