‘One Piece’ Chapter 947 Spoilers: Queen, Beast Pirates Capture Big Mom, Plan To Bring Her To Kaido

NMH.illusionFlickr(CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

One Piece Chapter 947 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter of One Piece will mainly focus on the ongoing commotion at the Prisoner’s Mine involving Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy, Emperor Big Mom, and Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague. Can Luffy and his friends leave the Prisoner’s Mine alive?

In the spoilers posted at Reddit, One Piece Chapter 947 started with the flashback of Roger Pirates vice-captain Silvers Rayleigh removing the bomb collar from Caimie. Luffy succeeded to do the same thing in the previous episode of One Piece when he detached the collars before they exploded on his and Old Man Hyo’s neck. However, Luffy only did it out of desperation and as of now, he has no idea how he exactly did it.

Instead of running away from Emperor Big Mom, Old Man Hyo urged Luffy to use the opportunity to improve his Haki. Seeing Old Man Hyo’s willingness to risk his life to train him, Luffy agreed and engaged in an intense fight with Emperor Big Mom. Old Man Hyo is training Luffy to use Haki as an invisible armor for both offense and defense.

Luffy believes that if he could learn to unleash that type of Haki, he will be able to defend him and Old Man Hyo from Emperor Big Mom’s punch. Luffy looks thrilled with his dangerous training with Old Man Hyo, while Emperor Big Mom continues to wreak havoc all over the Prisoner’s Mine. Emperor Big Mom goes on a rampage and no longer cares who she is attacking.

One Piece Chapter 947 is set to show Queen returning to action. After being knocked out by Emperor Big Mom, Queen has finally regained consciousness and came up with a plan to have his revenge against Emperor Big Mom. Queen transformed into a dinosaur and waited for Emperor Big Mom to arrive at a certain location.

Upon seeing her defenseless, Queen immediately jumped toward Emperor Big Mom and hit her with full force. Unfortunately, Queen’s attack didn’t cause any damage to Emperor Big Mom. However, Queen’s hit on her head enables Emperor Big Mom to regain her memories. After remembering everything, Emperor Big Mom fell asleep while smiling.

In One Piece Chapter 947, Queen and the Beast Pirates succeeded in capturing Emperor Big Mom. While Emperor Big Mom is sleeping, Queen ordered his men to wrap her body with chains made of Seastones and inject her with animal anesthesia. Queen and most of his subordinates left the Prisoner’s Mine to take Emperor Big Mom to Onigashima where Emperor Kaido is currently.