Beth Chapman’s Stepdaughter Lyssa Says ‘God Was Crying’ As Record Rainfall Fell With Star’s Death

Jemal CountessGetty Images

Everybody who admired and loved Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman is reeling after her death on Wednesday. A number of Beth’s family members have shared some throwback photos and initial thoughts via social media or media outlets. Many have noticed that Beth’s stepdaughter Lyssa has been posting some very touching things to her Instagram page.

Dog’s daughter Lyssa had been quite close to Beth over the years, although they did have some rocky moments in recent weeks. Despite that, Lyssa rushed to support her family once Beth entered the hospital last weekend. Now, via her Instagram stories, Lyssa is sharing a look at the heartbreak she’s working through.

One of the latest posts Lyssa put on her stories shows a shot of the weather in Hawaii this week. It’s been the wettest June on record, and as it happens, the area got hit with an enormous amount of rain Tuesday night into Wednesday.

“Record rainfall last night. God was crying,” Lyssa noted as she shared the shot from the weather report on the news.

Indeed, the area got an astronomical amount of rain in comparison to what they usually see this time of year. KITV notes that Honolulu received 4.2 inches of rain on Tuesday. To put that in perspective, the old record for the day was set in 1994 with just 0.14 inches of rain. The day also became one of the Top 25 wettest ever recorded in Honolulu and the only one that has happened in June.

Beth reportedly passed away about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, and the rain in Honolulu apparently ended at around 10:00 a.m. that same morning.

The Inquisitr previously noted that a memorial was put together outside the Chapman family’s Hawaiian home after word of Beth’s death spread. Lyssa had posted some early photos showing the area as it was put together, and she added a couple of additional shots later in the evening.

The memorial was a beautiful tribute to Beth that she surely would have loved. Plenty of flowers were spread across the foot of the driveway leading to the Chapman home. Beth’s Mercedes, with her “Mrs. Dog” license plate, was placed prominently there and covered with flowers as well.

Lyssa had encouraged Dog the Bounty Hunter fans via her Instagram post to bring flowers to the area themselves, and it looks like this has become a powerful area for Beth’s loved ones to gather and mourn her death.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are glad to see that Lyssa has set aside the differences she had recently had with her stepmom. Now that the family’s matriarch is gone, it is clear that Lyssa is focused on love in the wake of Chapman’s death.

The family is obviously mourning right now and focused on saying farewell. However, as The Inquisitr detailed earlier, at some point soon, they will need to make some decisions about a new show they were working on called Dog’s Most Wanted.

Fans are doing everything they can to support the family right now, and the Dog the Bounty Hunter star’s passing has been heartbreaking for everybody.