Helicopter Blows Deer To Safety Off Frozen Lake [Video]

deer on lake

How do you save a deer stuck on a frozen lake? Well, if you have a helicopter handy you can just blow it to safety.

The Daily Mail reports that a deer and its fawn got trapped out on the ice of the Antigonish Harbor in Nova Scotia. Ian Waugh, a retired biologist from Alberta,spotted the deers and alerted the Department of Natural Resources.

Waugh said: “It caught my eye that the female was down on the ice and every time she tried to get up, she would fall back down and she was splayed out,”

The DNR wanted to rescue the deer but decided that it was too dangerous to go out on the ice on foot. So, they did the next best thing. They hopped in a helicopter and went out to the harbor.

The frightened fawn was able to run across the ice as the helicopter descended. The mother, however, was too tired to move. The helicopter dropped down until it was a few feet above the deer and then started to push it across the ice.

Waugh, who was able to capture the rescue on film, said:

“The (wind), because the ice was so smooth, the wind was so powerful that it actually started to push the deer … It was just brilliant. It was a solution exactly tailored to the situation.”

Surprisingly, helicopter pilot David Farrell told the Telegraph that this isn’t his first helicopter deer rescue.

Farrell told the Telegraph:


“As long as you can keep that deer moving along the ice, it tends to calm down. I don’t know if it understands we’re trying to help or, I don’t know what’s going through its mind, but it works good.”

Here’s the video of the helicopter blowing the deer to safety.