June 25, 2019
Iggy Azalea Defends New Album Cover After Fan Calls It 'Sickening'

On Twitter, Iggy Azalea revealed the artwork for her new album, In My Defense, which is getting a mixed reaction.

The front and back artwork sees the "Team" rapper slumped against a car, posing dead, with blood behind her head. The illusion is that she's been shot after trying to get into her car.

While some fans were ecstatic about the artwork and the news of a new album coming this year, some didn't appreciate the graphic content the cover contained.

"I'm living for this artwork holy sh*t," one user replied to the tweet.

"The STANCE, THE BLOOD, THE DRAMA, THE FACT THAT YOU'RE DOING THIS ON YOUR OWN...legends only...we have decided to stan FOREVER PERIODTTT," a tweet Iggy re-tweeted onto her page.

According to Music News, a fan called the concept "sickening."

When a user asked her what the inspiration was for it, Azalea quote-tweeted them to explain so others could understand.

"It's a statement about women not having the ability to defend themselves under public gaze, not rebirth," she stated.

"My album cover is the most aesthetically pleasing thing I've ever made times 2," Iggy tweeted last week, before revealing it to her millions of followers.

The album is set to be released next month on July 19.

The tracklisting, according to the back artwork:

  1. "Thanks I Get"
  2. "Clap Back"
  3. "Sally Walker"
  4. "Homeita"
  5. "Started"
  6. "Spend It"
  7. "F**k It Up"
  8. "Big Bag"
  9. "Comme des Garcons"
  10. "Freak of the Week"
  11. "Just Wanna"
  12. "I Know"
Earlier this year, Iggy released the single "Sally Walker" as the lead single for her second studio album. The song peaked at No. 62 on the U.S. Billboard 100 singles chart and No. 82 in the U.K. On Spotify, it has been streamed over 19 million times. The music video has been watched over 57 million times on her official YouTube channel.

Her debut album, The New Classic, was released in 2014 and peaked at No. 2 in Australia and Canada, No. 3 in the U.S. and New Zealand, and No. 5 in the U.K. She gained herself five Grammy nominations the following year for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, Record Of The Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Her hit single "Fancy" featuring British singer-songwriter Charli XCX topped the U.S. Billboard 100 singles chart and is considered a signature song for Iggy.

Throughout her career, Azalea has collaborated with many artists, including Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Jennifer Hudson, Rita Ora, T.I., Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Steve Aoki, to name a few.

On Instagram, Iggy Azalea has over 11.9 million followers.