Sweet Tribute Video To Granger Smith’s Son River Shows The Child Loving Every Minute Of Life

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Country music star Granger Smith and his wife Amber have been enduring the most challenging month of either of their lives. On June 6, the couple announced that they had tragically lost their son River Kelly Smith. The little boy, who was only 3-years-old, died from drowning in the family pool. His death was short and silent but his life was full of joy. Even as Granger and Amber continue to grieve the death of their beloved son who is gone too soon, that’s the point that they want to drive home and share with the rest of the world. It really isn’t all about the number of years you spend on earth, but the way you spend them, according to People.

In a heartbreaking YouTube video Granger and Amber Smith shared recently, they open up about how they are coping with the premature loss of their son. They will continue to mourn the loss of River for the rest of their lives, but they will continue to live in an effort to honor the little boy who enjoyed every moment of life fully. He didn’t have any worries and found happiness in the little things, like riding on a go-cart with his dad, catching fish, and spending time with his older siblings, 7-year-old London and 5-year-old Lincoln.

In their tribute video, Granger and Amber shared clips of River laughing and having fun, his red hair flying in the wind.

While River might not be living here on Earth any longer, the grieving parents very much believe that their son has found comfort and peace in Heaven. This isn’t to say that the mourning process has been easy. Amber recently discussed how hard she’s been trying to make life normal for her other two children, all while she is suffering internally.

“Every single thing reminds me of him, and all I can think about is how he would love exploring and seeing all that we are seeing. I see his name everywhere, I see little red-headed toddlers everywhere. I miss his silly personality and his bright light. I see his face in our other kiddos. I have this pit in my stomach constantly because I’m trying to make life as normal as possible for our other 2 incredible kiddos.”

The family recently took a trip to Chicago, Illinois where they got to check out real dinosaur fossils, including the skeleton of a T-Rex. River had particularly enjoyed learning about this kind of dinosaur, a passion that was captured in the family’s home videos.