David Ortiz Moves Out Of Intensive Care Two Weeks After Shooting

Omar RawlingsGetty Images

David Ortiz has been released from intensive care nearly two weeks after his shooting in the Dominican Republic, but reportedly still has much recovery ahead of him.

The Boston Red Sox legend was shot at a bar in his native Santo Domingo on June 9, an attack that local police described as a botched attempt at a hit job. As the New York Post reported, Ortiz has now been able to leave the intensive care unit of a Boston hospital where he was flown in the days after the shooting in his native country.

The latest development was announced on Saturday by Ortiz’s wife.

“David was moved out of the intensive care unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. He remains in good condition and continues to recover under the care of Drs. David King and Larry Ronan,” his wife, Tiffany Ortiz, said in a statement released through the Boston Red Sox.

Investigators in the Dominican Republic have released new information about the attack, which was reportedly not intended to be aimed at Ortiz. As NBC News reported, prosecutors said the intended target was actually a man sitting with Ortiz at the outdoor seating area of a popular bar. The man, named Sixto David Fernandez, was allegedly the target of a hit carried out by New Jersey native Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz, 25, one of 11 suspects who police say were involved in the planning and execution of the attack.

As the report noted, the alleged gunman had a trail of arrests leading back to the United States.

“Federal prosecutors in New Jersey said Thursday that Ferreira-Cruz was facing charges in an unrelated case of three criminal counts of conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine, possession with intent to distribute heroin and cocaine, and weapons possession,” the report noted.

Doctors have said that David Ortiz is expected to make a full recovery from the gunshot wound, but medical experts said it could be a long process. Ortiz was flown to Boston in the days after the shooting, as the Lowell Sun noted that doctors had to remove his gall bladder and part of his intestine during surgery in the immediate aftermath.

The shooting has led to an outpouring of support for the Boston Red Sox legend, with the team taking an active role in overseeing his medical care. Red Sox president Sam Kennedy has given regular updates about his condition, and it was the team that arranged for his flight back to Boston for medical treatment.