Russian Photographer Murad Osmann Shares Viral Instagram Photos Of His Girlfriend Leading Him Around The World

The internet empowers people to share their creativity with the world, but one Instagram couple has shared the world with the internet via an artistic series of photos that have now gone viral.

Russian photographer Murad Osmann has posted dozens of Instagram pictures featuring his unnamed girlfriend leading him by the hand to various parts of the world. Osmann’s girlfriend has led him to see Big Ben in England, across the bridge into Disney World in Hong Kong, masked and bare down the streets of Venice, barefoot onto beautiful beaches, and even in an IKEA shopping cart.

Each picture of the couple is always taken from behind with Osmann’s hand clasping tightly to his partner’s as she guides him across the world. Many thousands of people have taken the journey with them, following along vicariously online.

Over 35,000 people follow Osmann on Instagram, and most of his pictures attract upwards of several thousand likes. Comments range from people seeking artistic advice to those enamored by the couple’s intimacy to just the simply inspired:

“You have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed looking through your photographs. You’re astonishing!”

“So the idea was born in barcelona :)”

“This photo set is an inspiration. I’ve got to find a woman like this!!”

“You are easily my favorite instagram user”

A spoof has appeared on Reddit, a picture of a man’s girlfriend leading him simply to the fridge. The appearance of parodies is a sign that the series of pictures has gone viral.

Instagram is a popular social network built around sharing photos via smartphones. The app is available only through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The service originally launched in 2010 and now has over 100 million users. As it grows in popularity, so does its potential to expose the pictures its users take to more people.


Murad Osmann is an executive producer at On his website, he shares that he was born in Dagestan, Russia in 1985 and moved to Moscow when he was five. He moved to England in 2001 and obtained a Civil Engineering degree at Imperial College London.

Many curious followers wonder where in the world Murad Osmann and his girlfriend, possibly Instagram’s cutest couple, will appear next.