Here’s How Bella Thorne Maintains Her Perfect Complexion

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Bella Thorne has been spending a great deal of time in the media spotlight after thwarting a hacker’s cruel intentions by releasing nude photos of herself before the hacker had an opportunity to do so. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean Thorne has stopped maintaining her incredible complexion.

In fact, the young actress recently spilled her beauty secrets during a video she recorded for Vogue, titled “Bella Thorne’s to Guide to Acne-Prone Skin Care and Glitter Eyes.”

After some light humor and thanking those who had tuned into the video by “wasting their time” with her, Thorne is completely distracted – and lets out a gasp – as she discovers she has a small pimple on her cheek.

“I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is my first pimple in a minute, guys,” Thorne says as she calls attention to the break-out on her face with her black nail.

Bella then seized the opportunity to explain that she’s had significantly fewer issues with acne because of a change she made to her beauty care routine.

“I’m not gonna wash my face. I don’t wash my face in the morning because there’s a thing called over-washing your face, and when I had really bad acne, that was one of the things I stopped, and it actually helped my skin. Not that I’m saying you guys have to not wash your face in the morning; it’s just something that works for me,” Thorne explained.

During the video, Thorne reminded the viewers that acne is something she’s struggled with for a long time as she suffered from a condition called cystic acne, which she has always been open and honest about.

“I tried basically everything you can think of. Tearing off parts of your face, like burning it off, the vampire facials, the microneedling, the lasers — every laser you can name, I’ve done it. And literally nothing worked — not one thing,” Bella continued to share.

Thorne has openly taken to social media – including Snapchat – to share what has and hasn’t worked for her. Her willingness to discuss her skin issues over the years has served as a reminder to her fans that celebrities don’t come equipped with perfect skin – they have to work for it.

Two days ago, Thorne shared a sizzling selfie of herself rocking a forest green top, candy red lipstick, and tons of accessories on her neck and wrists as she revealed that Vogue considered her to be a “beauty guru.”