Bol Bol Shows Up For NBA Draft In $100,000 Suit, Gets Picked In Second Round

Sarah StierGetty Images

Bol Bol stepped out for a nail-biting evening as the NBA draft picks were announced on Thursday night. While the night wore on, the top rated basketball player continued to look as cool as cool can get. This attitude was helped along by the wardrobe the teen rocked for the big event held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

While Bol Bol waited to hear his name called, the Sudanese-American athlete showed a skill not needed on the basketball court: a style skill. The good looking player had chosen a uniform that cost a whopping $100,000, according to at least one Twitter follower.

The precious black suit featured a massive spiderweb that wrapped itself around the tall prospect’s left shoulder, while another, much smaller web stretched across his lanky right leg. Looking oh-so-sharp, Bol Bol accessorized his amazing suit that came from a collection by Atlanta rapper Young Thug with dazzling diamond earrings.

For sure, his sartorial choice was tonight’s best, as he took on the long evening ahead, The 7-foot, 3-inch man, who was born in Khartoum, wore that special suit with pride — even when he wasn’t picked during round one.

That said, Bo Bol was ultimately picked in round two by the Miami Heat — and then the Denver Nuggets acquired him from the Miami Heat. He was picked as number 44 overall, according to Sporting News. And when that announcement finally came, the crowd went wild.

Rabid fans waited all evening until their boy’s number was called just before midnight in New York City. At that point, Twitter went berserk with words of support, not a surprise given Bol Bol trended at number one all evening on the popular social media platform.

The son of legendary shot blocker and former NBA star Manute Bol, the 19-year-old played for the Oregon Ducks and has been praised for his basketball prowess. He had been cheered on even after enduring a serious left foot injury last winter. The injury took him out of the game for the rest of the season.


One social media follower talked about Bol Bol after his historic pick, saying via Twitter that, like his dad, this current member of the family who has jumped into a basketball career “is soft spoken and humble.”

The commenter added, “Like his dad, his greatest basketball strength is deception – using loose gangly movements of his torso, head and limbs that is mesmerizing.”

No doubt Bol Bol, now back in peak condition, is ready to be part of NBA history. He definitely won’t be wearing his $100,000 spider suit when he suits up for his next practice, but this dapper young man will definitely visit that special get-up again, if only in his closet.