Paris Hilton Poses With Injured Boyfriend After Grisly Ski Accident

Paris Hilton was pretty upset when her boyfriend River Viiperi suffered a grisly ski injury, so the heiress and reality star handled the situation the best way she knew how — by turning it into a photo op.

Paris and her boyfriend were skiing back on February 18 to celebrate Hilton’s 32nd birthday. River was trying some high-risk skiing when the injury took place, Paris told her Twitter followers.

“Just got out of the hospital with River Viiperi,” Hilton tweeted.”He was doing a high jump while skiing and the ski sliced in to his leg! 19 stitches! Oww!”

As if that wasn’t enough, Paris Hilton decided to share a photo of her 21-year-old Spanish boyfriend laying on a stretcher awaiting a ride to the hospital.

Paris looked sad about the situation, but not too sad, Us Weekly noted.

“Hilton is sitting on the cart in front of him giving a red-carpet-ready, pouty face to the camera,” the publication pointed out.

Paris was a bit more sensitive in writing about the incident later.

“Such a scary day on the slopes today,” she wrote on her Pheed. “After seeing the gash on River Viiperi‘s leg, I almost passed out. I have never seen a cut that deep in my life. He is so brave, I can’t even imagine the pain he went through today.”

She added that the injury occurred when a ski went into River’s leg after a crash. He tried to get up and keep skiing, but noticed his leg was wet. As he looked closer he could see that it was cut to the bone.

Aside from sharing grisly accident photos, Paris Hilton and River Viiperi have determined to have a quiet relationship. Paris has toned down her partying ways and River is focused on his modeling career, making for what TMZ calls a “model relationship.”