Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Willow Stuns Michael With Her Secret

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Willow Tait has been front and center in the Dawn of Day/Wiley storylines. General Hospital spoilers have promised that there will be more surprises along the way, and fans certainly got one today. There have been many twists and turns, as well as surprising connections that have come about during the cult and baby swap deal. Now, the school teacher just dropped another bomb on Michael Corinthos.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Michael found out some interesting info from Jesse, about the man who died of an apparent overdose in Beecher’s Corners. Jason told Sonny, Carly, and Michael that the man’s name is Douglas Miller, who is the ex-husband of Harmony. Michael then remembered Willow talking about her mother — who was second in command of Dawn of Day (DOD) — and he made the connection. He booked out of there to meet with Willow. When asked about Douglas Miller’s death, Willow confessed that he was her father and that she killed him.

Her shocking confession is leading up to the spoiler that hints at Willow having some dark secrets from her past, as Soap Central has teased. Michael was stunned, and so were fans who watched Wednesday’s cliffhanger. Did she mean that she literally killed her father? In the previews for Thursday’s show, Willow tells Michael that she had to make a choice between DOD or her father. She likely was forced to choose DOD, maybe because she had the pledge hanging over her head.

She could have played a part in killing her father. General Hospital spoilers say that Chase is forced to arrest someone, and it could be Willow. Shiloh could possibly frame her for the murder, even though she may not have done it. That would certainly get her out of the way so he can be one step closer to finding Wiley.

Shiloh may have killed Douglas Miller just to prevent him from getting his daughter out of the cult. Willow could just feel responsible for his murder because she made her choice.

Many fans suspect that Neil is Willow’s father and may have survived the attack after all, but they didn’t seem to recognize each other when they met. At this point, anything can happen. Viewers also think that Harmony is her adoptive mom, and it will eventually come out that Nina Reeves is her real mom.

There is much more ahead, so stay tuned to General Hospital on Thursday to see how Willow explains herself after her confession.