‘Bachelorette’ Show Creator Teases Hannah’s Doing Great, Urges Fans To Ignore Rumors After Bombshells Drop

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This has been quite the week for fans of The Bachelorette. Spoilers from gossip guru Reality Steve just revealed jaw-dropping tidbits about what’s on the way with Hannah Brown’s season and this has people buzzing. Now, show creator Mike Fleiss is seemingly trying to counter these latest rumors and spoilers.

The Inquisitr shared on Tuesday that The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve just changed in a massive way. He now says that Hannah’s final rose goes to someone different than who he originally believed.

This, in and of itself, is a huge shocker for fans who follow The Bachelorette spoilers. Reality Steve insists that he has the final two men identified correctly and that nothing has changed there. However, he now says that Hannah’s final rose goes to the man he originally said was Hannah’s runner-up.

While he walked through all of this, Reality Steve alluded to some rumors that have swirled about the man who is supposedly currently engaged to Hannah. He wouldn’t go into specifics, but it didn’t take long for information to emerge via other outlets.

As The Inquisitr detailed, a woman quickly went on the record to drop another bombshell. She said that she was still in a relationship with Hannah’s supposed fiance right up until filming began. She was ghosted by him after filming, she says, but the details do have fans buzzing.


Hannah hasn’t spoken out about any of these Bachelorette spoilers and rumors, nor has her supposed fiance. However, show creator Mike Fleiss has now posted a couple of tweets that seem directed toward those who follow the spoilers about the show.

Wednesday afternoon, Fleiss tweeted that he had spoken with Hannah and that she remained confident and strong. Granted, this could be interpreted as simply a reference to the on-screen drama that aired this week related to suitor Luke Parker. Based on the responses to Fleiss’ tweet, however, it looks like many are definitely taking this as a direct reference to the latest spoilers from Reality Steve.

Soon after that, Fleiss tweeted again and this one was clearly about the latest reports.

“C’mon, don’t believe everything you read!”

Fleiss didn’t exactly call any of the latest Bachelorette spoilers wrong though. It didn’t take long for plenty of his followers to note that they don’t necessarily believe all of the rumors they hear. However, they did note that photos and other types of “evidence” seem to be piling up to support the bombshells that have dropped.

What will come next in the wake of these bombshell spoilers? Reality Steve said that he suspects that Hannah will stand by her man, at least for now. The Bachelorette spoilers regarding her final rose recipient changing aren’t really an issue, but questions about her fiance’s honestly and fidelity would certainly seem like cause for concern.

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As viewers have seen already, Hannah is one to give her guys plenty of chances. That’s already been the case with Luke, no matter how much his actions have frustrated everybody else. It seems likely it’ll be the case with her current fiance as well.

Hannah isn’t the first lead to face rumors and buzzworthy spoilers that emerge before she can go public with her relationship, and there are other pairs who have managed to survive some rocky challenges like this. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that it’s going to be a wild ride all the way to that final rose ceremony and fans will be anxious to see updates from Hannah and her guy during the After the Final Rose special.