Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Nosy Nurse Seems Totally Interested In Drew’s Flash Drive

Craig SjodinABC Press

Drew Cain’s life has been consumed with Oscar’s failing health these past few weeks on General Hospital, but he is now trying to get his life back to somewhat normal capacity. The big storyline of Drew’s memories had been pushed aside for a while and it almost looked like nothing more was going to come of it. However, that infamous flash drive has been mentioned on Tuesday’s show, which means that maybe this storyline will finally move forward.

Margaux Dawson has stepped down as the Port Charles district attorney and is leaving town. She is wrapping up loose ends before she takes off and Drew was one of them. On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Margaux apologized to Drew and asked for his forgiveness for treating him the way she did. The talk turned to the flash drive with his memories stored on it. He admitted that it was locked away in his safe. It has not been forgotten, but he told her that he wouldn’t want his present memories destroyed, so he keeps putting it back in the safe. It may be that the flash drive will be put in the back of Drew’s mind again soon, as SheKnows Soaps teases that he will once again be in Kim’s orbit over her intense grieving over Oscar.

During Drew and Margaux’s conversation, the topic of Shiloh and Dawn of Day came up. Margaux mentioned that Shiloh had tried getting her to talk about that flash drive. She realized that he was just using her to get inside info, but she did give Drew a warning about the Dawn of Day leader’s interest in it. Drew doesn’t recall anything about his past with Shiloh. He also remembers that Shiloh had wanted to know what Drew remembered about their past.

It appears that someone else has a vested interest in that flash drive. As the two were chatting, a nosy nurse was listening in on their conversation. It’s highly likely that she is one of Shiloh’s dedicated followers who will do anything for him — even if it means jeopardizing their jobs.

Now that Drew has admitted exactly where he keeps that flash drive, this gives Shiloh a chance to snatch it. There is obviously something on that drive that he doesn’t want Drew remembering. General Hospital viewers have been curious about what could possibly have happened between these two men in their past that Shiloh doesn’t want to be known. Apparently, Drew saved Shiloh’s life, but that is only what he told Drew.

Keep checking back for more updates and spoilers as this General Hospital storyline between Shiloh and Drew develops.