‘General Hospital’ Fans Have Mixed Reactions To Cynthia Watros As New Nina

Jason MerrittGetty Images

It is always an adjustment when a main soap character is replaced by a new face, and that’s exactly what’s happening on General Hospital this week. Cynthia Watros slid into the role of Crimson editor Nina Reeves. The actress made her debut on Monday, and fans have very mixed reactions after seeing her on screen, as expected.

In April, a surprise announcement stated that Michelle Stafford had decided to exit the ABC soap to go back to her role as Phyllis Summers on The Young and the Restless. It was also revealed that Watros would be taking over the role, which left fans wondering how she would be able to fill such big shoes. Monday’s General Hospital had Nina’s new face appearing, as Entertainment Tonight detailed. After just one day on screen, viewers quickly took to social media to give their first impressions on the new Nina.

It was a mixed bag of reactions coming from General Hospital fans. Many were bracing themselves as they watched Watros strut her way into the role, having scenes with Curtis and Valentin on her first day. There were a few people who expressed their negative opinions on not having Michelle Stafford as Nina. There were different mannerisms that the old Nina had which Watros hasn’t brought to the table, according to fans.

“Definitely missed he [sic] real Nina on GH today. The character will [be] forever changed,” one person wrote on social media.

Stafford definitely presented a different side of Nina Reeves — one that was quirky, snarky, and a little crazy all wrapped up in a bow.

However, other fans commented that they never really liked those characteristics that Stafford had brought to the table.

“I may stop hating Nina with Cynthia Watros playing the role,” one fan wrote on Twitter, which seemed a popular sentiment on the platform.

Those who were not enjoying this new Nina were reminded by other fans that this is only her first day, and that it’s hard to give an opinion this early in the game. It looks like it’s going to be an adjustment, just as it always is when someone new comes in to take over another actor’s character. Michelle Stafford made Nina Reeves her own, but now Watros will get the chance to see what she can bring to this character, as well.

The real test will be her chemistry with Jax, as there is a love triangle brewing between him, Nina, and Valentin. There are also other characters such as Maxie, whom Stafford had an amazing relationship with on screen. The big storyline coming up is the possibility of Willow Tait being Nina’s real daughter. Will Watros be as snarky as the old Nina with the person she dislikes the most?

Stay tuned to General Hospital in the coming weeks to see what kind of characteristics Cynthia Watros will bring to her new role as Nina Reeves.