Donald Trump Says ‘Django Unchained’ Was Racist, Without Irony

Noted birther Donald Trump has lambasted Django Unchained for being racist (without a hint of irony considering his years-long pursuit to prove the Hawaiian born president was actually born in Kenya), and the Apprentice “boss” has explained where he was coming from with the heated criticism.

As we reported earlier, Donald Trump lashed out at Django Unchained on Twitter, complaining the critically acclaimed flick “sucked” and that it was the “most racist movie [he has] ever seen!”

The Donald had more to say on the issue of Django, explaining at length how he felt about the film and — while not really giving information about the claim — again saying the Tarantino work was racist.

Trump said to Billy Bush:

“I thought it was totally racist. I thought it wasn’t a good movie. I’ve never seen so many people get hit by a bullet and explode. It was like they got hit by bombs.”

Yahoo adds that the real estate mogul suggests viewings of Django could spark violence as he expounded:

“Certainly if somebody goes and sees this movie and their (sic) not 100 percent [in the head], this movie is not very good for people to watch … I thought it was not a very good movie and very racist.”

But, Trump says, not all Tarantino movies suck, just Django. In his opinion. He said:

” … I love some of his movies. I just didn’t like this one. I wanted to leave a little early. I didn’t do that, but I was bored by it. I got tired of watching people blow up … Pulp Fiction, to me, is one of the greatest movies ever. I like him, I just didn’t particularly like this movie.”

Did you find Django Unchained racist, or did you feel historically few filmmakers have approached slavery from the perspective of the slaves? And does it seem slightly more racist to stalk a black President and insist he had to have been born in Africa?