Donald Trump Thought The Oscars Sucked (But He Loved Anne Hathaway)

The ever-entertaining Donald Trump didn’t seem to care much for the 2013 Oscars.

During a call to Fox & Friends Monday morning, Trump lambasted pretty much every single nominee and winner from the 85th Academy Awards, and said that he was “not impressed” with the “boring” event.

Trump called the Oscars this year a “very average” event, opining that the whole affair was “okay at best.”

Trump also took issue with some of the nominees, particularly Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained(which picked up a handful of nominations and the Best Original Screenplay Oscar). In Trump’s opinion, Django Unchained was “probably one of the most racist movies I’ve ever seen.”

“I thought the set was terrible,” Trump said of the Oscar stage. “I mean, talk about the word tacky.”

Trump even had negative opinions of Daniel Day-Lewis, who made Academy history by becoming the first actor to win three Best Actor Oscars.

“First of all, he’s not from this country,” Trump said of the Lincoln star. “He had an accent that I could detect…I don’t think Lincoln had an English accent, to the best of my knowledge.”

Further, “I just don’t think that Lincoln behaved like that.”

Though Trump had plenty of negativity about the Oscars on Fox & Friends, a look at his Twitter reveals that he had eyes last night for at least one Academy favorite: Actress Anne Hathaway.

For more of Trump’s “Oscar live-blog,” you can check out his Twitter account. Otherwise, watch him shred the Oscars on Fox & Friends below, via Mediaite: