Britney Spears Receives Restraining Order Against Friend Turned Enemy, Sam Lufti

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sam Lufti is a 44-year-old film producer from Los Angeles, California. Once upon a time, he and Britney Spears were close friends, according to CNN. In fact, he was one of the people there for her during her highly publicized breakdown in 2007. No one can forget that period in Spears’ career as it was one of the first times that a celebrity seemed to completely lose it while the world watched. Now infamous photographs show the singer shaving her own head and lashing out at paparazzi. Still, she managed to get through it all and move on with her life. Today, she is the mother of two boys, Sean and Jayden.

Lufti and Spears had a major falling out years ago when he made negative comments about the star in the media. She has now secured a five year restraining order against him. The report that she filed in court in May states that Lufti has called himself Spears’ manager many times throughout the years, despite the fact that he has not held this position for quite some time. It goes on to suggest that Lufti tried to use his friendship with Spears to bolster his own career and gain further self recognition by “keeping her isolated.”

Beginning over a decade ago, Lutfi began pretending to have a professional association with Ms. Spears, even falsely claiming to have been her manager, when in reality he was only a parasite attempting to gain attention by associating himself with her celebrity and attempting to keep her isolated and under his influence. Only through the intervention of the conservatorship years ago (and obtaining a temporary restraining order) was he effectively extracted from her life and her well being restored.

The first time Spears ever filed a restraining order against Lufti was in 2009 and she was granted a temporary order at the time. That order has long since expired, requiring the singer to seek a secondary one in order to keep her friend-turned-enemy out of her life and the lives of her family members.

The restraining order will prevent Lufti from making disparaging remarks about Spears or any member of her family in the media. Nor will he be able to come within 200 yards of any member of the Spears family.

It’s been a rough past few months for Spears, who checked into a mental health facility after the stress of her father’s illness became too much for her.