Beto O’Rourke Says U.S. ‘Will Have To’ Enter Nuclear Deal With Iran

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke spoke with NPR’s Morning Edition as part of the program’s “Opening Arguments” conversations and touched on everything from combating climate change and the oil industry to curbing asylum seekers. He also revealed his thoughts on Iran and if he thinks he has what it takes to persuade the country to re-enter a nuclear nonproliferation deal.

“We will have to but it’s going to be really hard,” he said.

“Not only does Iran no longer trust us, but some of our closest allies cannot take our word for granted…. The world wants to know — is the future a democratic one or an autocratic one? And I want to make sure that the United States leads on that, clearly that it’s democratic.”

In terms of climate change, O’Rourke believes that combating it is an investment that needs to be made as a country. He spoke about the “greatest generation” in the 20th century, pointing to the existential threat that they faced — Nazi Germany — and how he is confident that the current generation will tackle climate change “head on” as their existential threat.

The former Texas representative also believes that there must be a shift from fossil fuels to solar and wind. He pointed to the progress of other countries and said that — although the U.S. is making progress — he wants to win the race.

But immigration was perhaps one of the most hot-button topics he touched on.

“First of all, I would treat every asylum-seeker with the dignity and respect that they deserve as human beings,” he said.

The 46-year-old added that working collaboratively with communities and partner nations in the Western Hemisphere is necessary to “go to the heart of the problem in Guatemala, in El Salvador, in Honduras.”

O’Rourke recently criticized Joe Biden as a “return to the past,” as The Inquisitr previously reported, suggesting that bringing the U.S. back to the Obama administration is not good enough.

“As much as a horror show as Trump has been… we had real problems before Donald Trump became president.”

O’Rourke criticized the Obama administration that Biden was vice president under for failing to pass adequate gun control laws and deporting a large number of people. In addition, O’Rourke highlighted Biden’s support of the Iraq war and previous support of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of federal funds for abortion except in select cases, such as incest or when the woman’s life is in danger.