Louise Linton Says She’s Uncomfortable Around Donald Trump Jr.

Alex WongGetty Images

Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, says that it’s been a difficult adjustment to go from being a struggling actor to the spouse of someone in the Trump administration facing backlash for seeming to flaunt her wealth.

In a recent interview, Linton also talked about being uncomfortable around the eldest son of the president, Donald Trump Jr. Linton supports animal rights, and Trump Jr. is said to be a big game hunter, reports The Daily Mail. When asked about Trump hunting elephants and lions, Linton took a long pause and said that there is only so much she can do, but it’s awkward having dinner with Donald Trump Jr.

“Yes, I feel uncomfortable. … Look, I do what I can.”

Many of Linton’s new Instagram posts show her with animals, but she admits she’s had her own foray into her public image, particularly on social media, and needed to take a break after being portrayed as flaunting her husband’s money and status. The actor, best known for her Lifetime television movie roles, laid low from social media after being called out for boasting about being dressed in designer clothes and accessories while traveling on a private jet paid for by taxpayers.

Linton says that it was hard to be hated and bashed in the media by so many people, but she understands why people are angry “about me getting off that government plane tagging fashion brands. It was a stupid thing to do.”

However, she blames much of the controversy on bad advice, as she says she was told to be glamorous and play up the lifestyle angle of her married life. Yet, she says she has learned a lot since then, and now goes lighter on the hashtags when she is dressed up.

“S**t happens; mistakes happen. People grow and move on. That whole Instagram thing happened because I got some bad advice. My advisers at the time were telling me to be glamorous and fashionable.”

She says she now understands that what would work for a Hollywood movie star doesn’t translate, particularly in Washington, D.C., for the wife of a cabinet member.

In her interview with LA Magazine, Linton says that she continues to apologize for her out of touch Instagram post where she chastised a woman who called her out for being showy. On her new Instagram page, she still faces backlash with people asking if the taxpayers are funding her outings and outfits, but she says she now has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

“I have the high honor of being the only person who has been compared to Marie Antoinette, Darth Vader, and Cruella de Vil at once.”

Linton says that she looked up Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, and Oprah Winfrey on social media to get a better sense of adopting a humble tone online.