Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Big Changes Coming For Brothers Mac & Robert Scorpio

Michael YadaABC Press

This summer on General Hospital promises to be full of drama with a little romance thrown in. It has already begun to heat up and is about to get even hotter with the baby swap secret about to be revealed and a love triangle between Nina, Jax, and Valentin coming up. In addition, it looks like the Scorpio brothers will be getting some air time as well.

General Hospital spoilers tease that both Robert and Mac will see some changes in their lives soon. SheKnows Soaps has detailed that there will soon be a new police commissioner coming on board. While many thought that Robert would make a good one, it appears that his younger brother will be appointed the new Port Charles police commissioner.

You have to wonder if Jordan Ashford will step down from her current position or if she is forced out. She has been so consumed with catching Ryan Chamberlain these past few months that she has not stopped, even while she has been in the hospital having her kidney transplant. That actually may play a part in her job being jeopardized. Jordan determined this week that Curtis, Finn, Franco, Liz, and Valerie all took part in the plan to get Ryan to sign the consent form for her to receive his kidney. This all could fall apart very soon and could very well affect her job.

Mac Scorpio was the Port Charles police commissioner back when he and Felicia first became involved many years ago. He may just get things done at the PCPD. What about Robert? He is currently working for the WSB as he has been for many years, but that is all about to change.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Robert will be taking early retirement, and it’s not by his choice either. He loves what he does and he’s good at it. The WSB will apparently force him into retiring. Robert is expected to be very angry about it, too, as expected. There are no details yet on why they want him out, but he will likely not go down without a fight.

Does this mean that Robert will be sticking around Port Charles indefinitely? That would make fans very happy. Actor Tristan Rogers had previously said that there will be some surprises soon with his character, as reported by The Inquisitr. This is likely what he was referring to.

There is also a possibility that since Mac will be sliding into the commissioner’s job, his older brother could also be doing some detective work in town. Keep watching General Hospital this month to see the Scorpio brothers possibly taking on Port Charles.