Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital': Shiloh Isn't Done Yet, Sonny Squashes Jason's Plan

Shiloh Archer is on the hunt for his child on ABC's General Hospital. He is getting close to locating the son that Willow Tait gave up for adoption, hoping that the Dawn of Day leader wouldn't ever know that he was a father. It also looks like Shiloh isn't done manipulating the residents of Port Charles to get them to do whatever he wants -- at least most of them.

There are a few people in town who won't play his games, especially Sam, Jason, and Sonny. The threesome want him gone for good. In mobster terms, that means they want to take him out so that he won't ever have the chance to hurt anyone ever again. As General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central had teased, Sam pushed Shiloh's buttons when they ran into each other at Charlie's. After he got through taunting Sam about her being attracted to him and insisting that he hadn't done anything wrong, Sam retorted that she had been lying the whole time about her feelings towards him.

The face-off on Tuesday's General Hospital made Shiloh turn angry enough to grab Sam, and that's when Jason walked in. Shiloh told Jason that if anything ever happened to him, the cops would come looking for them. He informed the PCPD as he was being released from custody that Sonny and Jason were after him, so he gave them a warning already.

Shiloh is getting very close to locating the child Willow gave up in order to protect him against his father. After confirming that the baby was not miscarried and that it was a boy, he is more determined than ever to find him.

After hearing from Chase that Shiloh's charges were dropped, Sonny and Jason were in the process of making a plan to take Shiloh out. However, Sonny's chat with Kristina changed all of that. She told her dad that she didn't want Shiloh's blood on her hands, no matter what he did to her and the others. She just wants him to pay for his crimes. That prompted Sonny to call Jason to tell him that their plan was off for now.

Jason was clearly upset by that. He is determined to kill Shiloh for what he did to Sam and Kristina. The cult leader is still walking around Port Charles free as a bird, and free to taunt the two women. He will also continue to manipulate his followers into doing his bidding.

Sonny may change his mind once Shiloh gets his hands on Wiley. The baby isn't even his and Willow's son, but they are still in the dark about the baby switch right now. General Hospital spoilers point to it getting closer for the truth to be revealed about Wiley and Jonah.