'General Hospital' Spoilers: Josslyn May Be The Key To Michael Reuniting With Jonah

General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers may finally get to see Michael reunited with Jonah in the not too distant future. This baby swap storyline has gone on far too long for many fans' liking, and some intriguing tidbits about how this may be resolved are starting to emerge.

Viewers have been speculating for months now about how the truth would emerge about "Wiley" really being Michael and Nelle's son Jonah. Things are getting intense now that Shiloh believes he has a child out there, and a growing contingent of Port Charles residents are collaborating to keep the baby they all believe is Willow and Shiloh's son safe.

One person who hasn't been terribly involved in this is Josslyn, as she's in the midst of mourning Oscar's death. Interestingly, however, actress Eden McCoy recently shared a tease that her character of Joss may somehow become entangled in this.

McCoy shared a photo via Twitter showing her with Ryan Carnes and Parry Shen, who portray Lucas and Brad. Eden teased that everybody should buckle up, and fans definitely took this as a General Hospital spoiler signaling that things would soon get crazy with the baby swap storyline.

McCoy doesn't share scenes with Carnes and Shen often, so sharing a selfie showing the three of them together definitely means something.

As crazy as the past week was with the baby storyline, General Hospital spoilers suggest that things are about to get even wilder. As The Inquisitr recently noted, Nelle will pop up at the end of this week as someone pays her a visit.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Shiloh will be digging this week, and Chase will learn about the connection between Harmony and Willow. Julian will try to keep Brad from imploding, and next week Joss will be unsettled in some sense.

Of course, Josslyn being unsettled could have to do with the loss of Oscar. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that during the week of June 17, Willow will have another stunning confession to share with someone and by the end of the week, Joss will be suspicious about something.

Could it be that Josslyn overhears a conversation about all of the baby drama and picks up on something that everybody else has missed? Viewers have been buzzing about how many people are now in the know, at least to some degree, about the fact that "Wiley" is supposedly Willow and Shiloh's biological child.

Of course, Wiley also was checked out early on for a heart issue that just happened to be the same one that Michael and AJ had experienced. Will that tidbit spark a moment of realization with someone once the baby's true paternity comes under question?

So far, Nelle, Brad, and Julian are the only ones who know that the baby being raised as Wiley isn't Willow and Shiloh's child. General Hospital spoilers hint that this tidbit may be revealed to others soon, perhaps in a way to try to keep Shiloh from the baby. From there, it's probably just a matter of time before someone figures out that the baby is Jonah.

Viewers loved the scenes that played out last year between Nelle and Josslyn when Joss tore into Nelle and showed that she is definitely her mother's daughter. It would perhaps seem somewhat fitting for Josslyn to again be central to exposing Nelle for this latest stunt that has caused so much grief for her family.

General Hospital spoilers hint that bombshells will be dropping with this storyline soon, but it looks like it'll take at least several more weeks for things to really explode. How will Josslyn figure into the truth about Jonah being unveiled? Fans cannot wait to find out.