‘One Piece’ Episode 889 Preview: Reverie Finally Starts, Five Elders Go Into Action

tofoli.douglasFlickr/ Public Domain

The latest episode of One Piece mainly focused on Sabo and the Revolutionary Army’s mission to save their comrade Bartholomew Kuma. It was revealed that before Kuma became a pirate and a Warlord of the Sea, he first served as the king of the Sorbet Kingdom, a country that once tried to oppose the World Government. One Piece Episode 888 revealed that after being turned into a mindless human weapon, Kuma was sent to the Holy Land Mary Geoise to serve as a slave for the Celestial Dragons.

Sabo and three Revolutionary Army Commanders — Karasu, Lindbergh, and Morley — decided to go to the Holy Land Mary Geoise to free Kuma. Despite their incredible powers, Sabo and his men need to be careful since the Holy Land Mary Geoise is guarded by CP-0 and the highest ranking officials of the Navy HQ. The preview for One Piece Episode 889, which is titled “Finally. It Starts! The Conspiracy-filled Reverie!,” hinted at the start of the Reverie, the meeting of the greatest leaders from 50 out of 170 nations affiliated to the World Government.

“The Reverie has finally begun. Meanwhile, the Five Elders, the highest authorities of the world, are secretly on the move.”

The world leaders are expected to tackle different topics in the upcoming Reverie. One Piece Episode 888 gave a clue regarding what agendas King Cobra of the Alabasta Kingdom and King Riku of Dressrosa are planning to discuss in the meeting. Before the Reverie started, King Cobra and King Riku met with Navy Admiral Fujitora, who sent them a letter prior to their arrival to the Holy Land Mary Geoise.

Though One Piece Episode 888 didn’t give any details, it’s easy to predict the topic of their conversation – the abolition of the Seven Warlord System. Since he came into power, Navy Admiral Fujitora has been eyeing to remove the Seven Warlord System. He became more determined to achieve his goal after learning what former Warlord Crocodile did at the Alabasta Kingdom and personally witnessing the dark side of Dressrosa under former Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo.

One Piece Episode 889 preview also revealed that the Five Elders will finally go into action. Since One Piece started, the Five Elders are only seen sitting and giving orders. However, in the upcoming episode, fans could finally see a glimpse of their power. It remains unknown what forced the Five Elders to make a move. It could be their recent meeting with Emperor Shanks or the Five Elders receive an order from Im-sama, who is believed to be the most powerful character in the World Government.