[VIDEO] Own the ultimate driving game rig for a mere $191,000

If you enjoy your Forza Motorsports and Gran Turismos, and find yourself with spare change from your Christmas money, then say hello to your next purchase. And by “spare change from your Christmas money,” I mean “nearly $200,000.”

This is the Cruden Hexatech simulator, a $191,000 hydraulic rig that will let you simulate F1, NASCAR, WRC, and 24-hour races such as Le Mans. It comes loaded with three 42-inch screens, or the option to have images projected images onto the curved walls of a specially built room.

It offers exactly the kind of feedback you’d get from a real car, with chassis, track, tire, suspension, and brakes all considered. Check it out in motion below, and try to forget that $191,000 will bag you a (real) Ferrari 430:

[Via technabob]