‘Veronica Mars’ Creator Rob Thomas Is Open To Continuing The Series

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Rob Thomas recently sent Veronica Mars fans into a frenzy after revealing he was open to the possibility of producing more of the show.

The long-time television writer and producer recently spoke to an audience during the ATX Television Festival where he dished that he would be interested in continuing to explore Veronica’s story.

The Hollywood Reporter suspects the massive amount of excitement and buzz surrounding the eight-episode revival of Veronica Mars for Hulu may have something to do with the creator’s willingness to move the project forward. The episodes are slated to be available for streaming this July, and the show’s cult-like fan base could not be more elated.

Thomas revealed that there are some hurdles that must be navigated for the show to happen, with the biggest being working around his and Kristen Bell’s busy scheduling. The two have full plates at the moment as they are both working on numerous projects. So, some things would have to shift for both to coordinate a corresponding schedule. He also added that he thinks the show has the staying power to turn into a “21st Century Murder She Wrote” as the characters continue to age.

The original Veronica Mars series aired from 2004 to 2007. The cast and crew came back for a spin-off feature film back in 2014. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the feature film was fully funded by a Kickstarter campaign supported and donated to by fans of the show. Though the campaign raised enough to make the show happen, it was managed on a very limited budget (in terms of big-screen production). So, the feature film’s budget did not allow for the show’s original sets and scenery to be recreated.

The Hulu revival, however, had a much bigger budget. Cast and crew alike said that walking on set was emotional because it was like starting at the beginning all over again.

The Hulu reprisal features eight episodes that focus on Veronica tackling a single case. The episodes also address the character having to make some big decisions at a seemingly pivotal point in her life. Fans of the show are likely to be pleased as they will get to see how Mars’ character has grown and evolved over the years and where these decisions will take her.

As another big bonus for series fans, Hulu has secured the rights to stream the entire series in its entirety. All seasons will be available for streaming on July 1.