Prince Louis Wears A Very Special Family Heirloom For Trooping The Colour

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Royal watchers might have noticed something strikingly familiar in Prince Louis’ debut outfit for Trooping the Colour on Saturday. In fact, the outfit worn is a special one that his father and uncle have previously worn, an outfit possibly selected by Princess Diana many years ago, so it would hold a special place for the grown princes now.

According to Hello!, the outfit selected for Prince Louis’ debut at Trooping the Colour was one his uncle had worn to the event when he was a similar age. Prince Harry wore the same blue shorts and white shirt with matching blue embroidery in 1986 for his second attendance of Trooping the Colour, a yearly event that celebrates the Queen’s birthday.

Images from 1986 show Prince Harry standing up on Princess Anne’s lap as he watched the event with what appears to be avid enthusiasm. During this year’s Trooping the Colour event, Prince Louis is seen enjoying the spectacle, just like Prince Harry did many years ago in the same outfit. Louis’ mother, Kate Middleton, is seen in images to be bouncing her youngest son up and down as he took in the huge event celebrating his great grandmother.

While Prince Louis, 15 months, may have donned his uncle’s previous Trooping the Colour attire, it was actually his father who wore the outfit first. In 1984, Prince William was seen in the adorable outfit when he alighted from an aircraft with his father, Prince Charles, after they touched down in Balmoral. William’s mother, Princess Diana, was also present during this trip.

It is unclear who originally purchased this outfit for Prince William. However, considering that this is the third time it has been worn, it is possible Princess Diana may have hand-selected the item and it now holds a special place in William and Harry’s hearts as a fond reminder of their mother.

It will now be interesting to see if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle follow suit at some point in the future and also don their son, Archie, in the same outfit in a future Trooping the Colour event. Archie wasn’t present during this year’s Trooping the Colour, due to his young age. However, he might be able to wear it next year when he will be 13-months-old.

Of course, royal fans will just have to wait to find out if Harry and Meghan decide to use this very special outfit next year when Archie will likely make his debut appearance alongside the rest of his family.