The ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Explains Her Initial Attraction To Controversial Figure Luke Parker

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

The southern and sweet Bachelorette Hannah Brown has quickly cut her group of suitors in half, going from 30 men on the first night to now 15. She’s made it perfectly clear that she’s not messing around or on the show to just have a carefree vacation. Hannah wants to find her future husband and is remaining hopeful that he is within those lucky men remaining. She’s sent home just about every man that has shown signs of not being on the show for the right reasons, including one man on the first night who was revealed to have a girlfriend waiting back home. Nevertheless, she has yet to eliminate the most controversial figure on the show currently, Luke Parker. In a recent interview, Hannah explained how strong her initial connection with Luke was, according to Reality TV World.

Luke is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida who caught Hannah’s eye the very first night. It was clear that he had been identified as a front runner, Hannah even saying early on that her connection with Luke was stronger than her connection with any other man thus far. However, he may have allowed the bachelorette’s obvious feelings for him get to his head. He quickly began to irritate the other men by expressing the fact that he was “falling for” Hannah, though they had only just met. He also became increasingly aggressive in his pursuit of her.

Hannah recently sat down with former Bachelor star Nick Viall as a guest on his podcast, The Viall Files. Viall inquired about how Hannah became so head over heels for Luke so early on. She explained that he actually reminded her of someone she’d dated in the past.

“Okay, I’ll say my relationship with Luke P., especially at the beginning, the instant connection reminded me a lot of my really long-term relationship. And so it was this initial attraction, like, goo-goo, ga-ga eyes.”

It was because of this initial attraction that Hannah ended up giving out her First Impression rose to Luke.

“He is something, like, he is a spark of something I can see. He’s like the brightest light out there, and I don’t know if the light is a ‘do not come here, caution’ light or, like, the beacon,” she told Viall.

Nevertheless, last week’s episode showed Hannah become increasingly irritated with Luke as he ignored her pleas to give her a little space. There’s no telling if he’ll remain on the show after the next Rose Ceremony.