Kate Gosselin Says Tabloids Lied About Her Dating Life, Friend Defends Her After She’s Called An ‘Awful Human’

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Kate Gosselin has a lot on her plate, but she’s still ready to date. The TLC star, who is set to headline the dating series Kate Plus Date, posted a trailer for her new show to Instagram. In the clip, the mom of eight stated that she has been single for 10 years, ever since her divorce from ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

But one follower took issue with Kate’s statement about her dating history, writing in the comments section: “What about Jeff Prescott? That was in less than 10 yrs ago. BS.”

Kate Gosselin fired back to inform the follower that she had never dated the millionaire businessman, despite rampant tabloid reports about it at the time.

“You forgot that tabloids don’t report the truth… I didn’t date him. #DONTBelieveTabloids (or people who sell stories to them bc they are looking for publicity to benefit themselves/their business).”

In 2015, Kate Gosselin was rumored to be dating Jeff Prescott, a wealthy businessman whom she reportedly met while shooting the reality show Celebrity Apprentice in New York City. Gosselin long denied that Prescott was her boyfriend, even as Us Weekly reported that the Kate Plus 8 star was spotted with the wealthy CEO on a date at Talula’s Garden in Philadelphia. This alleged date was reportedly followed by a night of gambling at nearby Valley Forge Casino Resort.

Entertainment Tonight even posted exclusive pics of the couple’s date, but now it sounds like it was a one-time deal — and not a substantive romance.

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In her new post, Kate Gosselin went on to say that she would rather “starve” than sell true or false information to tabloids. In what could be taken as a jab at her ex-husband Jon, Kate also called out those who talk to tabloids regularly, and she said it’s “repulsive” for someone to make money from “hurtful false information about their own children.”

Kate added that it feels good to speak the truth about something her family has been “very very hurt by for many years.”

The comments on Kate Gosselin’s post also included a shoutout from an old classmate who seemingly knows Kate from high school. The commenter, who was once in a yearbook club with Kate, noted that the reality star is not at all the way she is portrayed in the tabloids.

“You are not the horrible person you’re portrayed as in media (as you commented above). Can’t wait to see your dating adventures,” Kate’s alleged high school classmate wrote.

The positive comment comes after a tabloid posted a nasty story about Kate Gosselin. Earlier this week, Radar Online reported that a TLC publicist claimed that Kate Gosselin is an “awful human” who is difficult to work with. Former TLC rep Joey Skladany told Straight Shuter‘s Rob Shuter that Kate treated him like dirt when he was sent on a Today show shoot with her. The former TLC publicist said that while he was warned that Kate could be “difficult,” he tried to compliment her — and also said that she wouldn’t even acknowledge him, or look him in the eye.

“At the end of the day, I called my boss and said, ‘She’s an awful human.’ They were like, ‘We know. Thank you for the feedback,'” Skladany claimed.

You can see Kate Gosselin’s Kate Plus Date clip below.

Kate Plus Date premieres Monday, June 10, on TLC.