Jared Kushner Accused Of White Supremacy, Fueling ‘Israel-Palestine Problem’

Spencer PlattGetty Images

In a Newsweek article posted on Thursday, originally titled “Jared Kushner’s White Supremacy Shines Through,” Yousef Munayyer accuses the senior advisor to President Donald Trump of views that align with traditional Zionist and Western attitudes. He claims that these views toward Palestinians and oppressed people of color, in general, are notable for giving them the burden of proving worth of freedom, quality, justice, and human rights.

Munayyer claims that Kushner’s mindset is mirrored in Trump’s policies against “migrants, trans folk and people of color, as well as policies that both he and Kushner are enacting against the Palestinian people.” He claims that this view of Palestinians is one of the root causes of the “Israel-Palestine problem,” which he believes is — in reality — a problem that hinges on the inability of Israel to recognize Palestinian rights.

“A just peace cannot be built on a foundation of racism,” he said.

“The burden should not be placed on those whose rights and freedom are denied, but rather on those who are denying them. We must move away from outdated frameworks that present the Palestinian people with false choices and threats that seek to strong-arm them into accepting their own subjugation.”

Munayyer’s article was made in response to Kushner’s performance in his recent Axios interview with Jonathan Swan, in which Kushner was pressed about birtherism and Trump’s alleged racism.

Kushner said that he never heard Trump say anything racist, and accused the Democrats hurling accusations of racism at his father-in-law as “doing a disservice” to people who are victims of real racism.

But when pressed if he believed birtherism was racist, Kushner avoided a direct answer. As The Inquisitr reported, Kushner instead simply said that he was “not involved” in it. He also dodged a question about the alleged racism of Trump’s Muslim ban.

As The Inquisitr reported, Kushner also made it into the news for creating a highlight in Trump’s visit to Buckingham Palace, as he and wife Ivanka Trump watched the president greet Britain’s 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II outside of her home as they watched from a balcony window. Social media users were quick to jump on the image and compare it to creepy horror movies.

The photo was one of many moments from Trump and his family’s U.K. trip, which Vanity Fair described as “disastrous.” Other moments include Trump’s “fist bump” with the queen and the president insulting the Sadiq Khan, the mayor of the country’s capital city, London.