Bob Woodward Blasts Obama For ‘Madness’ Regarding Sequester [Video]

Respected journalist Bob Woodward has become an unlikely hero for the Republican Party lately, calling out President Obama on several manipulative tactics and half-truths spun by the left over the national debate on the sequester.

Woodward, a longtime columnist for the liberal Washington Post, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday to criticize President Obama’s handling of the sequester fight. He said that Obama has displayed a “kind of madness” in his decision to make military spending cuts as painful and draconian as possible.

Scarborough began by re-capping the war of words between Woodward and the Obama administration, with Woodward confirming that the White House conceded his assertion that the sequester originated with the Obama administration, reports Politico.

Then, Woodward talked about the sequester. “I think peoples’ heads are about to explode about all of this, you know, what the hell is going on here,” he said. “I’m not sure the White House understands exactly what happened in all of these negotiation at the end of 2011 with the sequester and the super committee, because they were really on the sidelines.”

Woodward also took Obama to task for his decision to announce that sequester cuts would prevent an American aircraft carrier to not deploy to the Persian Gulf.

“Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying ‘Oh, by the way, I can’t do this because of some budget document’?” Woodward mocked. “Or George W. Bush saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to invade Iraq because I can’t get the aircraft carriers I need.’ Or even Bill Clinton saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to attack Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters,’ as he did when Clinton was president because of some budget document?”

Woodward went on to reveal what he sees as tricky rhetorical maneuvering from President Obama, which is not constitutionally founded.

“Under the Constitution, the president is commander-in-chief and employs the force. And so we now have the president going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement, I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country,” Woodward said. “That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Watch the video below, via Mediaite. Let us know what you think: Is Bob Woodward right about President Obama’s rhetorical tactics?