Sean Hannity v. Keith Ellison: Fox Host The ‘Worst Excuse For A Journalist’ [Video]

If you don’t watch Hannity, you missed a peach of a fight last night between host Sean Hannity and Democratic congressman Keith Ellison. The whole segment basically consisted of Ellison on the offensive, slamming Hannity both professionally and personally, while the Fox host struggled to get a word in.

While Hannity set the terms of the debate on the national debt, Ellison launched into an angry tirade against the host, accusing him of being “immoral” and a liar, reports The Washington Post. He continuously cited Hannity’s placing of blame on Obama for the debt crisis and the sequester, while he maintains that out current fiscal woes are the fault of congressional Republicans and Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush.

“You are the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen,” Ellison started, branding Hannity a “shill for the Republican party.” Hannity allowed Ellison to “keep ranting” for well over three minutes.

Hannity tried to get a question in, to which Ellison responded “No, wait a minute, you said I could rant, and I am.” Ellison continued his tirade, prompting Hannity to ask “Why are you so angry?”

Hannity then tried to get a question in, but Ellison wouldn’t let up on his rant. At the end of the segment, Hannity cut off Ellison, calling him a “total waste of time.”

Hannity is no stranger to tense, ideological melees. Most recently, he sparred with a Think Progress reporter over “backing out” of his offer to be waterboarded back in 2009. Senior reporter Scott Keyes called Hannity an “honorable guy” and asked:

“To prove that it’s not torture, you agreed on your television show to be waterboarded for charity and to donate the proceeds to the troops’ families […] when are you planning to hold the event?”

Hannity ducked the issue, replying:

“You’re obviously taping this. I’m not getting into your five-year-old issue. Here I am bringing you on the program and give you an opportunity to give your pretty radical left-wing point of view, that’s kind of the way you treat me. But that’s all right.”

Watch video below, via Mediaite, but tell us what you think. Is Congressman Ellison a whiny Democratic malcontent, or a hero for standing up to Sean Hannity?