Lindsey Lohan Forgets To Pay Taxes Again, Hit With $50,000 Tax Lien

Lindsey Lohan was on her to digging herself out of a huge financial hole but the IRS has just hit the actress with another tax lien. Lohan, who apparently hasn’t paid taxes for the last three years, was recently hit with a $56,717.90 tax bill from the IRS.

According to TMZ, Lohan failed to pay taxes in both 2009 and 2010. Her total bill for those years exceeded $200,000 (she owed $93,701.57 for 2009 and $140,203.30 for 2010) and the actress has been working to pay the IRS back.

She got some major help from Charlie Sheen in the form of a $100,000 check and was able to get pay back nearly half of her taxes. Lohan has also been taking on some lucrative available movie roles and was recently cast as a guest star on Sheen’s Anger Management.

The former A-List actress was on her way back to financial stability but apparently it’s going to take her a little longer than expected. Lohan now owes an additional $50,000 to the IRS. So, in case you’re keeping track, Lohan’s total unpaid tax bill over the three years is $290,622.77. She’s reportedly paid about $100,000 of that back.

No word yet on if Lohan’s sugar daddy Charlie Sheen is going to bail her out again.

Are you surprised that Lohan failed to pay her taxes for three consecutive years?