Sheryl Crow Collaborates With Stevie Nicks, Maren Morris, Vince Gill & Joe Walsh On New Single

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Sheryl Crow has collected an all-star team for her new single, “Prove You Wrong” — a team which includes Stevie Nicks, Maren Morris, Vince Gill, and Joe Walsh. Nicks and Morris sing vocals on the song, while Gill and Walsh provide guitar licks on the country track.

The song is part of Crow’s new album of duets, titled Threads, which is scheduled for release on August 30. Two previously released songs from the album are also collaborations. “Live Wire” featured Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples, and “Redemption Day” featured Johnny Cash.

The project has been in the making for several years, and Crow has called it a project of love.

In an interview with iHeartRadio, the Grammy-winner said the process was an organic one, one which began with her reaching out to people she knew.

“I started calling my friends like Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson,” Crow explained.

“First, we put out the song with Johnny Cash, who was someone that I loved and admired and who was a friend. Eric Clapton, Sting, James Taylor, who was one of my very first inspirations, and just started compiling songs that I felt like would work for them, like Mavis Staples and Bonnie Raitt.”

The “All I Wanna Do” singer said that one of the first people she thought of was Nicks. Crow said she sent Nicks a copy of the song, and asked Nicks if she would record it with her. The “Love is Free” singer said that their collaboration was a “beautiful experience.” Crow also said that she thought that it would be “really cool” to “pay it forward to someone who I feel like is an extension of Stevie and I” — and that this is how Morris fit into the picture.

Crow said Morris was a great songwriter and musician, adding that she thought the young star would be around for a long time.

Nicks said, on Twitter, that she was thrilled with the song.

The “Everyday is a Winding Road” singer said that Threads will probably be her last album — but not her last recording. She explained that the digital age has changed everything, in the sense that people don’t buy albums like they used to. She also said that she doesn’t think people listen to albums from beginning to end anymore, which is how she likes to create them — with a beginning, middle, and end. Instead of spending time and energy on albums, the singer said that making singles seemed more practical.