Ingo Rademacher And Cynthia Watros Tease ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers About What’s Ahead For Jax And Nina

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Change is on the horizon and General Hospital spoilers tease that a new romance may soon be shaking things up throughout Port Charles. Ingo Rademacher is back as Jasper “Jax” Jacks and soon viewers will see Lost actress Cynthia Watros take over as Nina Reeves. Now Ingo and Cynthia are talking about where things head next.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, actress Michelle Stafford is leaving General Hospital and the role of Nina. She is headed back to The Young and the Restless, and she recently wrapped up filming her GH scenes. Watros is on the set now starting to do her first scenes.

Rademacher and Watros chatted with TV Insider together and this should give General Hospital fans their first sense of the chemistry between the two cast members. Michelle and Ingo were able to instantly connect as Nina and Jax, but will Cynthia’s version of the character do the same?

Simply the fact that Ingo and Cynthia were doing press interviews together is a pretty significant General Hospital spoiler about what the writers have in mind for Jax and Nina. As viewers saw during Monday’s show, Nina is giddy and excited about what Jax has in mind for Crimson.

In fact, Nina even mentioned the idea of postponing her wedding to Valentin. The groundwork has now been laid for Nina and Jax to spend a significant amount of time together and that will probably continue for a while.

General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be more scenes of Jax and Nina together with Stafford still in the role. An official first airdate for Watros has not been revealed yet, but it seems likely that she will begin to appear in late June or early July.

When asked if Nina and Jax will be sharing screen time in the months ahead, Rademacher coyly replied, “You would assume so.”

Rademacher is thrilled to be back on General Hospital after being away for a while, and he termed the return as “permanent.” Watros shared that she was just having a normal day not long when the phone rang and she was asked if she’d be interested in a return to daytime, specifically GH. Cynthia says she researched the character of Nina and apparently the set already feels like home to her.

Valentin and Sonny will see a common goal of getting Jax out of Port Charles, but General Hospital spoilers hint that they may not have much success with this. Viewers know that it’s just a matter of time before Nina learns that Valentin had lied about Sasha being her daughter, and now it’s looking like she’ll have a strong shoulder handy to lean on as she deals with this shocker.

Fans were not necessarily happy to hear that a recast was coming in to take over as Nina. However, this potential romance with Jax has viewers buzzing and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Cynthia Watros may have some juicy, great stuff to do as her run on the show begins.