Jennifer Lopez Calls Alex Rodriguez’s Kids ‘My Family’ After Posing With Their Mom

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Jennifer Lopez had some sweet words for Alex Rodriguez and his two daughters while attending the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York on June 3. JLo gave her man – who she attended the big show with – his two kids, and her two kids a big and very sweet shout-out from the stage as she accepted the award for Fashion Icon.

Per a report from Vogue, Lopez proved once again that she and A-Rod have most definitely perfected the art of a blended family since they first started dating in early 2017 as she referred to them all as being “my family” while also sweetly thanking them all for loving her.

In her pretty lengthy acceptance speech, JLo told the crowd who gathered at the prestigious event held at the Big Apple’s Brooklyn Museum, “I’d also like to thank my family, my babies Emmy and Max, Alex, Tashi, and Ella.”

“You guys make me feel like the MVP every day. You make me feel like the most beautiful person in the world just for being loved.”

Emme and Max are her 11-year-old twins with former husband and Latin singer Marc Anthony, while Tashi (aka Natasha) and Ella are Alex’s 13-year-old and 11-year-old daughters with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez and family on the red carpet following the finale performance of Lopez's record-breaking residency
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Jennifer – who The Inquisitr reported flashed her insane abs in an orange crop top and huge skirt ensemble – also gave A-Rod a shout-out when thanking designer Tom Ford for introducing her to the stage to accept her award.

“You’ve really made it a powerhouse, and I know in our house, Alex couldn’t survive without you,” she said, before joking, “I’d like to think it was me that he can’t live without, but it’s you!”

Lopez’s gushing words about her fiance and his kids comes shortly after The Inquisitr reported that the star was snapped in a rare photo alongside Rodriguez’s former wife while attending a graduation ceremony.

A-Rod shared a photo of the blended family – which included both his and Jennifer’s children – all smiling together. Jennifer could be seen on the left of the photo next to Natasha while Cynthia stood on the teenager’s right. Alex then stood behind his former wife, daughter, and fiancee with a big smile on his face with his arm around the “Dinero” singer.

While walking the red carpet at the CFDA event, JLo revealed that her daughter Emme and Alex’s two daughters are already choosing the pieces they want to borrow from her extensive and uber-glamorous wardrobe.

“Ella told me, ‘I want your white GRAMMY dress with the Orchid,’ and Emme is like ‘What about that [dress], mommy? Are we gonna keep that? Don’t throw that out.’ They tell me all the time,” Lopez told Entertainment Tonight of how the girls are calling “dibs” on her clothes.