Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Harmony Returns To Port Charles, Confronts Willow Again

Todd WawrychukABC Press

The baby swap storyline on General Hospital is finally moving along. Viewers have been wondering exactly when Michael will find out that his son Jonah is still alive. It will blow up soon enough, but right now everyone thinks that Wiley, aka Jonah, is Willow and Shiloh’s baby. He needs protection from his biological father and Brad, Lucas, Michael, and Willow have agreed to do just that. Now Jason and Sam are in on it as well.

What about Harmony, Willow’s mother? She is also involved in this whole mess, especially since she is still knee-deep into Dawn of Day. Harmony hasn’t been seen since April, but she is slated to return from her base in Beecher’s Corners to see her daughter in Port Charles. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Harmony will be around at least for a couple of weeks.

Willow had told her mother the same thing that she spilled to Shiloh at the Nurses Ball when he found out that she had been pregnant with his baby. She lied and said that she miscarried their child. Harmony seemed to believe her, but Shiloh isn’t convinced. The Dawn of Day leader won’t be too happy when he discovers that Harmony knew about Willow’s pregnancy when she fled the cult.

It appears that Harmony will get into some kind of trouble when she comes back to town. Spoilers tease that the week of June 10, she will need rescuing and she is hoping that Shiloh will help her. There are no details yet on what trouble she gets into, but before that Harmony will be confronting her daughter this week hoping to change her mind. Shiloh has done his best to manipulate Willow back into his fold, but she hasn’t budged. Now she is intent on making sure that her son is protected from Shiloh and she has quite a bit of help, especially with both Chase and Jason standing with her.

More spoilers from Soap Central say that Willow gets advice from someone that she should be cautious. Is this a warning from Harmony? Or maybe Shiloh pays yet another visit with the school teacher soon.

Chase still has no idea that Harmony is actually Willow’s mother. All he knows is that she is a member of the cult who is still involved. He is expected to find out soon and will be quite surprised.

Will Harmony stick by Shiloh and do her best to get her daughter back into Dawn of Day? Or will she suddenly turn on him in order to protect Willow and possibly who she thinks is her grandson? Keep watching General Hospital this week to see what she does next.