Candace Cameron Bure Reveals If There Are Plans To Address Lori Loughlin’s Absence On ‘Fuller House’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Candace Cameron Bure is opening up about what it’s like to be back on the Fuller House set for the fifth and final season.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Candace Cameron Bure, who plays DJ Tanner-Fuller on the series, gushed over being back to work with her beloved cast members, many of whom she’s known since she was a little girl.

“Oh goodness! I’ve been a big crybaby the whole week — like every day. We’ve had such an amazing run on Fuller House and I work with my best friends every day, so knowing this our last season is quite bitter sweet. We’re so happy that we get to do a whole other season, but knowing it’s our last, we’re savoring every moment of it,” Bure told the outlet.

“It’s emotionally really hard, because I love what I do and I love the people I work with,” Candace added.

As for how the show will handle the absence of Lori Loughlin’s character, Aunt Becky, the actress says she has no idea what is going to happen with the fan-favorite character.

“It hasn’t been discussed. I have absolutely no answer for it and Netflix has not even spoken about it,” Candace stated.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lori Loughlin was fired from the final season of Fuller House, as well as from multiple projects with The Hallmark Channel, including the fan-favorite TV series When Calls The Heart. Her departures came after she and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were arrested in connection with the college admissions scandal earlier this year.

The actress and her husband are being charged with fraud and money laundering after they allegedly bribed college coaches to claim their daughters, Olivia Jade and Bella, were rowing athletes, in order to gain them admission into the University of Southern California. Lori and Mossimo have both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Actress Felicity Huffman was also involved in the scandal, pleading guilty and admitting that she bribed college test administrators to help her daughter cheat on her college entrance exam. Huffman took a plea deal and is expected to serve a short jail sentence.

Meanwhile, Lori and Mossimo are looking at a maximum sentence of 20 years if they are convicted.

People Magazine reports that Loughlin is heartbroken that her legacy has been tarnished by the scandal.

TMZ reports that the couple plan to claim they had no idea the money they had given the scandal’s ringleader, Rick Singer, was used to bribe coaches.

Fans can see more of Candace Cameron Bure and the rest of the Fuller House cast — sans Lori Loughlin — when the final season of the show streams on Netflix later this year.