Trump Children Book Entire Floor Of London Luxury Hotel Corinthia At $27K Per Night

Alex WongGetty Images

While the Trump family had hopes of staying at Buckingham Palace, it is not to be, and so alternative plans have been made. Donald and Melania Trump will stay at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in London, while the adult Trump children have made reservations to take over an entire floor at the five-star Corinthia in Westminster.

The Daily Mail says that the Corinthia is a luxury hotel favored by oligarchs and A-list celebrities, and it is known for its opulence. The whole floor is being rented for the Trump children and their entourage for the duration of the official visit to the United Kingdom.

The hotel has its own Harrods department store and a huge spa spread over four floors, featured in the documentary, A Hotel For The Super-Rich And Famous. The Trump children, Donald Jr, 41, Ivanka, 37, Eric, 35, and Tiffany, 25, are all expected to check in to the Corinthia, but his youngest son, Barron, is supposed to remain in Washington, D.C.

But while the Trump children are expected to find all of their creature comforts in the 8-year-old Corinthia, Hadley Freeman of The Guardian is calling the visit “Arrested Development Goes To The U.K.” She says that the idea of Donald Trump bringing his family reality show-turned-sitcom to England is likely a huge mistake.

Freeman says that it’s not sure how the Trump dysfunction will play in the U.K.

“In a plot twist no one saw coming, Trump is bringing not just Ivanka, the daughter he once said he would date if they weren’t related, but his less date-able adult children, too: Donnie Jr, Eric… and Tiffany! Trump’s daughter with second wife Marla Maples is not a regular character, so it’s exciting when she makes an unexpected appearance.”

She says that the Trumps are overlapping more and more with the Bluth family from Arrested Development with each adult child playing a predictable role. Freeman says that Donald Trump is the “shady, property dealing father George,” while Don Jr. is Gob, and Eric is Buster.

“I once thought Jared Kushner (also coming to London) was Michael, the one son trying to hold the Bluths together. But he is clearly Tobias, the moronic son-in-law, so maybe Tiffany is Michael.”

Freeman adds that the worst part of taking an American sitcom on the road to Europe is that nobody ends up looking good, saying that in the end, both nationalities “look equally appalling.”