Ariana Grande Doppelganger, Jami Alix, Flaunts ‘Tiny Booty’ On Instagram

Jesse GrantGetty Images

In the two weeks since the last time The Inquisitr reported on Jami Alix, the fashion blogger and style guru has accumulated over 6,000 new Instagram followers. The small brunette bombshell rose to fame on social media thanks to her remarkable resemblance to singing sensation, Ariana Grande.

Coined as Grande’s doppelganger, Alix takes to Instagram several times a week to treat her followers to an array of photos of herself flaunting her Ariana-like features from all angles. With over 1,800 posts on Instagram, the fashion blogger is no stranger to frequent comments pointing out just how much she looks like the “God Is A Woman” singer.

On Friday, Jami took to Instagram to share an up-close snapshot of her derriere in a pair of tight, super high waisted jeans. The pants had a very vintage “mom jean” fit and definitely seemed to pull a fair amount of inspiration from ’90s fashion.

The millennial fashionista opted to jazz up her jeans by styling it with some decorative metal barrettes and hairpins attached to the back pocket. This ended up giving her jeans more of an up-cycled bohemian feel. Jami matched the tone of the hairpins in her jewelry selection by sporting several matching metallic toned bracelets and showing off a bright pink manicure.

In the caption of the photo, Alix informed her followers not to be fooled by the generous angle as it gave her backside more curves than the blogger believed she actually had.

“i truly have a teensy tiny booty,” Alix jested in the caption.

In just 24 hours, the faceless snapshot accumulated 3,000 likes and over 50 comments. The comments featured a mixture of people complementing Jami’s “cute” bottom and her “beautiful” pants. One commenter even decided to throw in a bit of comedy.

“Your caption neutralized all the witty sarcastic things I was going to say. Well played,” they said.

The photo of Jami’s backside is far from the only post the blogger has shared on her profile recently. In fact, Alix has shared 18 different photos with her Instagram followers in the past week, including a mini two-part photo montage featuring now and then shots of herself and blogging partner Lexi Mars.

Alix tells fans in the caption of the post that the “then” photo was back at the beginning of their blogging career. Fans said it had a very “I just moved to LA vibe,” as both girls had much less of a tan, and Jami was sporting a much darker hair color.

The pair also co-run a YouTube blogging channel where they share their exploits in fashion and travel.