Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Pledges Burned, Pledges Returned

Craig SjodinABC Press

On Wednesday’s General Hospital, those pesky pledges that have plagued those members of Dawn of Day who are not as sold on the cult as they used to be have been found. Sam and Jason took them from the lighthouse tower where Shiloh told them they would be and proceeded to destroy them. They were burned, except for three of them that were kept out.

Shiloh agreed to give up the pledges to Jason and Sam in exchange for not going to jail. Despite doing that, General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps has indicated that the Dawn of Day leader is expected to continue his manipulative ways this summer. It doesn’t look like he is done just yet, but for now Jason and Sam took the envelopes with the pledges in them and destroyed them. However, three of them were willingly kept out for various reasons.

Sam found DA Dawson’s envelope with her pledge in it. Jason took that one as leverage to use against her. He headed over to Sonny’s to let him know that they now have something over her. The reaction from fans on Jason and Sonny conspiring against Margaux in this way was met with a lot of negativity. They have declared that this is the same sneaky deal that Shiloh did, using the pledges to gain control over people. They see Sonny and Jason doing the same thing. However, Sonny is having second thoughts on using it against her.

The second pledge belonged to Kristina. She was just about ready to spill her guts to Alexis on what hers was all about. In walked Sam with the envelope in her hand, interrupting them. Sam and Alexis told her that it is hers to do whatever she wants with it. She chose to burn it instead of telling Alexis what she wrote about her. Sam told her that she is now completely free of Shiloh and his cult.

Jason also kept Willow Tait’s pledge. He headed to the school and handed it to her personally. Jason told her that she was his hero for helping Kristina the way she did. No one yet knows exactly what is written in that envelope, but Willow’s backstory may be detailed later on.

Now that the pledges are no more, Jason and Sam think that it’s all over with. But then again, Shiloh may still have made copies of those pledges. As viewers have pointed out, he could still consider spilling those secrets just to get back at those who have gone against him.

Shiloh still has plans, and he is not about to let Jason and Sam get the upper hand. Keep watching General Hospital this summer to see what his next step will be in keeping his cult from being destroyed.