Britney Spears Reportedly ‘Desperate For Attention’ As She Continues To Post Bizarre Instagram Videos

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Britney Spears is longing for the attention that she has gotten throughout most of her life. As fans of the pop star know, Spears has gone through another rough patch in her life that landed her in a mental health facility recently. The mother of two took a short break from social media while she was getting help at the facility but now that she’s back out, she’s been posting a ton of videos on her highly-followed Instagram account in recent days.

A new report from Radar Online suggests that Spears is loving all the attention she has been getting over the past few months, with her name in the headlines almost every day. An insider close to the singer tells the outlet that the Pop Princess has been “craving” this much attention because it “feeds her own insecurities.” The source even went as far as saying that Britney “lives” for fame.

“She is well aware of the fact that she is getting so much attention right now and she also knows that her crazy videos get people to follow her.”

Over the past few days, Spears has shared a number of different videos for fans including one where she shuts down rumors that she doesn’t make her own Instagram posts before rocking a number of different outfits and dancing during an impromptu fashion show. Another video posted to her account shows the singer shaking her booty during an intense sweat session.

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More than a decade ago, Spears was placed under the conservatorship of her father after she shaved her head and suffered the infamous mental breakdown that all of her fans remember. Now, as her father is not in good health, she and her mother are fighting for the right to end the conservatorship and let Britney handle everything on her own.

But a friend close to Spears says that despite the show that she is putting on, Britney is still unwell. She’s just making all of these new, crazy videos and posting them to social media because she has too much time on her hands.

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“She is not thinking with a clear and sound mind.” the insider reveals

“Given the fact that the past couple months of her life have been so hectic, it’s understandable.”

And as The Inquisitr recently shared, Spears’ fans seem to be worried about the singer as well. Many of them have been letting her know it in the comments section of her Instagram posts that they are concerned for her wellbeing. While some fans expressed that they are worried about the mother of two, others are questioning her mental health.

One thing is for sure — it will be interesting to see what photo or video Britney decides to post next.