Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jason Tells Sonny They Have Leverage On Margaux Thanks To Shiloh

Craig SjodinABC

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital was a juicy one, and spoilers tease that the same can be said for Wednesday’s show. Jason and Sam made a deal with Shiloh, and the deal turned up something pretty interesting.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s show, Sam and Jason approached Shiloh and made it clear that he was facing a lot of legal trouble. They insinuated that once Shiloh was at Pentonville, Sonny would likely make a deadly accident happen, rattling the Dawn of Day leader.

When Shiloh asked what they wanted, they made it pretty easy on him. They said that in exchange for returning Kristina’s pledge, they wouldn’t push for charges against Shiloh. It didn’t take long for the DoD leader to agree, and tell them that the pledges were hidden away at the tower — where he’d taken Sam.

Once Sam and Jason arrived there, they quickly found the pledges. Before finding Kristina’s, they saw one for Margaux. Viewers — and many in Port Charles — knew that Margaux had grown close to Shiloh, and was involved in Dawn of Day. However, the fact she’d given a pledge to join “The Trust” came as a surprise.

A peek at the pledge revealed that it was a confession from the district attorney, one concerning the chaos involving her mother and father. She admitted that she had destroyed evidence that would have detailed her mother’s crime — one hinging around getting rid of the man she thought was her father.

Based on the previews for Wednesday’s show, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason will hold onto Margaux’s pledge with a plan in mind. Jason will talk with Sonny, and will mention that he knows Sonny had wanted leverage over the district attorney. Now, it appears that he has that leverage in his hands.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Margaux will go visit someone, seemingly Shiloh. Sonny shook the district attorney by telling her about Shiloh’s other side, and it looks as if she’ll tell Shiloh that Sonny said the DoD leader couldn’t be trusted.

In all likelihood, Shiloh will use his smooth-talking to try to convince Margaux to believe him over Sonny. SheKnows Soaps shares that Shiloh will be playing both sides, and he’ll surely try to use everything he’s learned about Margaux to make himself look like the innocent victim.

As Sam and Jason were tracking down the pledges, Kristina was starting to talk with Alexis about the pledge she gave Shiloh. Both Sonny and Alexis had assumed the pledge was about Sonny’s business, but of course, viewers know it wasn’t. Instead, it was about when Alexis ran over Krissy’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Kiefer, years ago.

This is all going to rattle Alexis, and Wednesday’s show will have Kristina doing her best to plead her case. As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Margaux will feel torn. Next week, someone will find that they can’t persuade her to go along with whatever they propose.

It looks like Willow still has plenty of reason to worry, as it appears that Jason and Sam left the other pledges behind — rather than scoop hers up, too. She’ll talk with Michael about her fears as they scramble to protect the baby they think is Wiley.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is more fallout on the way, and viewers cannot yet count out Shiloh when it comes to continuing drama in Port Charles. It may seem as if Kristina is finally free of her connections to Dawn of Day, but Shiloh still holds a lot of power over others in town.