‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Livid Over The Sam & Shiloh Story Line

Michael YadaABC Press

General Hospital fans aren’t happy and they make no bones about it on social media. The main story line for the past few weeks has been the take down of Shiloh Archer and his Dawn of Day cult. While it looked like Sam Morgan was getting the best of the leader in order to save Kristina and to get her damaging pledge back, things took a turn for the worse. Now viewers are left wondering what happened to the butt-kicking Sam that they all know and love.

Sam had a plan to make Shiloh believe that she wanted to get in on the trust and to go through with the whole initiation process to do it. It all came to a head at the end of last week when a drugged Sam was almost raped by Shiloh. Of course, Jason was able to save her and he beat Shiloh to a pulp, but fans are just not happy with how this was written. Both Sam and Shiloh are in the hospital getting treated, but spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Shiloh will be playing both sides this week, an indication that he is still playing games with people’s lives.

The previews for Tuesday’s General Hospital reveals that Sam will go confront Shiloh. She will get in his face after their terrible encounter and say, “Game over, you lose.”

There are many fans of the ABC soap that have been vocal on social media about how terrible this story line is and how they just want it to be over. However, Shiloh isn’t done yet, as spoilers say that he will continue to be involved in peoples’ lives, such as Willow Tait. You can also bet that he won’t let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to Sam and Jason either. He is a bold one. He has no fear of anyone it seems, even Sonny Corinthos.

Fans of Sam Morgan are speaking out harshly on how she was willing to be drugged, tattooed, and almost raped to take Shiloh down. They have vocalized on how furious they are that this once strong character is being destroyed with this plan of hers. The writers at General Hospital have been raked over the coals by viewers over this.

Other viewers are not feeling sorry at all for Sam since she willingly drank the drugged tea and knew exactly what would happen. She knew that Jason would save her, but it was almost too late. It all comes down to fans wondering why the writers would have Sam putting herself in such a vulnerable spot in the first place. Was it just to get the pledge so that Jason and Sonny would be protected? Or was it revenge over Kristina? It was supposed to be the take down of the Dawn of Day leader, but it didn’t exactly turn out that way just yet.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Jason will confront Monica to see if he can get the proof he needs that Shiloh drugged Sam. This summer will also have Jason and Sam coming up with yet another plan to take him down. Stay tuned.