Wendy Williams Reportedly Living Her 'Best Life' After Split From Husband

Wendy Williams is said to be thriving following her split with husband, Kevin Hunter.

According to Hollywood Life, Wendy Williams is starting over in her life now that she has filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter, whom she was married to for 22 years.

"Wendy is a true warrior. It's been a battle, but she's rising above the pain of losing her marriage and she is winning. Once she stopped fighting to save her marriage and accepted that it was truly over, she turned all of her energy toward building her new life and it's been such a huge shift," an insider told the outlet of the situation.

"The marriage should have ended some time ago. She hung on way too long. Now that the weight of trying to hold it all together has lifted off of her, she can see how heavy it really was, and how it was dragging her down," the source continued.

The insider also added that Williams is feeling lighter and happier now that she's out of her marriage. In addition, Wendy is reportedly living her "best life" and believes that the bad days are behind her, and that she's feeling hopeful and happy about what the future may hold for her.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy Williams' life may be better after her split, but it hasn't been perfect. The TV personality is currently going through some family drama after her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., was arrested for assaulting her estranged husband earlier this week.

TMZ reports that Hunter Jr. was spending time with his father when the pair got into a fight in the parking lot of a store close to the family's New Jersey home.

Things reportedly got heated between the father and son duo, and Hunter Sr. allegedly put his son in a headlock. Meanwhile, Hunter Jr. was said to have punched his father in the face while trying to break the hold.

The police were called on the pair, and Hunter Jr. ended up being arrested. Hunter Sr. told the outlet that he loves his son, and that he didn't want to pursue the matter legally, revealing that things aren't always as they seem to be.

A source close to the situation claims that Hunter Sr. believes that Wendy is brainwashing their son against him, and that he lectured Hunter Jr. about carving his own path, and not taking handouts from his famous mother.

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