'General Hospital' Summer Spoilers: Maxie's Plans To Support Lulu May Backfire, Liz & Franco Celebrate

General Hospital spoilers for the summer months hint that there is plenty of intrigue and chaos on the way. Right now, viewers are watching as people throughout Port Charles race to take down both Ryan and Shiloh, and it sounds as if the Dawn of Day storyline may continue for a little while. In addition to concluding portions of those storylines, others will ramp up and get wild.

SheKnows Soaps teases all of the latest General Hospital summer spoilers. For "Friz" fans, there is good news in these teasers. Elizabeth and Franco will decide to have a full-blown wedding celebration, and it should be a good time. The two got married while he was behind bars, but they'll soon orchestrate an opportunity for their loved ones to celebrate with them.

While this wedding celebration should be a fun one, General Hospital spoilers note that there are some twists and turns on the horizon. Their relationship will soon face new obstacles, and they no doubt face challenges with both Aiden and Cameron in the months ahead.

Maxie will do her best to support Lulu with Dante gone, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that one approach may end up backfiring. Maxie will pull Peter into this plan in some way, and it seems that somehow this generates problems for Maxie.

Peter and Maxie are finally embracing the idea of being a romantic couple. However, there has always been a spark of sorts between Lulu and Peter, too. Will Maxie's decision to nudge the two together in some sense generate a deeper connection between them that threatens her own romance?

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Nina will encounter a challenge that could shake things up significantly in her world. She is on the brink of marrying Valentin, but fans know that there are bombshells on the verge of dropping.

General Hospital spoilers tease that something may emerge that pushes her wedding plans aside, but it doesn't sound as if this is necessarily the big daughter reveal yet. Could it be tied to Crimson ownership as some have speculated may be coming, which might involve Jax and those sparks that flew as Nina first met him?

Jordan will seemingly recover from her dire medical situation, and she and Curtis will embark on an investigation into something tied to Stella. The Inquisitr has detailed that both Kim and Drew will head off-screen for a bit, but Hayden will be back in some capacity.

There is plenty of Wiley-related chaos coming up in the weeks ahead, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there are shake-ups and shockers ahead. Additional teasers should emerge as the summer kicks into full gear, and fans cannot wait to see what's in store.