'General Hospital' Spoilers: Billy Miller, Tamara Braun Exiting As Drew And Kim For Now

General Hospital spoilers have just revealed some casting-related news that taps into some speculation that has been swirling. With Garren Stitt's character of Oscar off of the canvas, many have been wondering what would come next for Drew and Kim, played by Billy Miller and Tamara Braun. Now reports detail that the two will be written out, but apparently only temporarily.

According to SheKnows Soaps, both Miller and Braun will be going off screen and that will go on for a while. However, these aren't permanent exits. At least, they aren't permanent at this point.

The report details that Kim and Drew will be out of the mix of things for some period of time and that exit is dictated by their storyline. What period of time will this cover and what is the storyline involved? So far, General Hospital spoilers haven't revealed details on that front.

This news comes as many General Hospital fans have been speculating about what the writers will do next with both Kim and Drew. There are still some loose ends connected to their characters, but some viewers wonder if there is enough for both Miller and Braun to tackle in the weeks and months ahead.

Viewers know that there is still plenty left unexplained both in terms of Kim and Drew's past as a couple, as well as Drew's past connection to Shiloh. General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Drew's missing memories and his past with Shiloh might end up being central to eventually taking down the Dawn of Day leader. However, that remains a vague potential storyline for now.

Not long ago, Shiloh asked Kim if Drew had given her anything significant before he left to go into the service. She said he hadn't, but Shiloh was obviously digging for some specific bit of information there. Drew doesn't remember anything from that time of his life, but clearly, there is something important related to Shiloh that could prove problematic for the DOD leader should the information suddenly surface.

For now, Kim remains romantically involved with Julian, but some General Hospital viewers have speculated that Oscar's passing might nudge Kim and Drew back together again. Spoilers have also hinted that Drew will soon make a big business-related move and some have wondered if perhaps he will sell Aurora to Jax.

Will this temporary exit turn into something long term? Sadly, the writers have seemingly struggled to write something juicy and fitting for Miller since Steve Burton returned as the real Jason Morgan. Fans want to see both Miller and his powerhouse co-star Braun get some quality scenes to do beyond grieving over Oscar, but it's not known right now what is in store for Kim or Drew.

For now, General Hospital spoilers haven't emerged with anything more specific, but fans will be anxious for additional details about what's planned for both Billy Miller and Tamara Braun.