May 22, 2019
Spoilers For Thursday's 'General Hospital': Ryan Gets To Ava As People Scramble To Save Kevin

General Hospital spoilers tease that Thursday's episode will be a wild one as Ryan's return shakes things up for many Port Charles residents. Viewers have been guessing ever since he fell off that bridge in Niagara Falls that he would still be alive, but will he make it through this next round of confrontations?

As everybody saw during Wednesday's show, Ava ducked out of the Nurses Ball and headed to her cabin and Ryan quickly headed there as well. As the Nurses Ball was wrapping up and word was spreading about Ryan, Kevin was seen in a straitjacket hanging over the stage.

The preview teased that during the May 23 show, Mac, Felicia, and Lucy will rush to get Kevin down and free. He will likely be fine, but he will probably be taken off to General Hospital to be checked out.

Up at the cabin, General Hospital spoilers detail that this confrontation will get intense. Ryan will tell Ava he missed her, but viewers know that she's been preparing herself for this face-off.

Additional General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Ava will pull a gun on Ryan and this will be a dangerous confrontation. Luckily, Chase and Valerie had talked with Ava about getting somewhere safe. However, the fact that she said she had somewhere to go may not be enough for anybody to be able to get to the cabin quickly to help her.

Of course, Ryan is down one hand, but that didn't stop him from eliminating April up in Canada or knocking out Kevin. Ava has been anxious for the opportunity to face Ryan now that she knows what he did to Kiki, and fans can surely count on some wild scenes during Thursday's episode. She wants this opportunity all to herself and she isn't going to let fear or nerves slow her down at this point.

Who will come out on the winning side of this battle? Soap Central teases that next week, Ava will be leaning on Scott. Given that, obviously, Ryan doesn't do away with Ava regardless of how their confrontation progresses. However, will she manage to do away with him? Will she manage to get away from the cabin unharmed?

It's looking more and more likely that Jordan will end up with Ryan's kidney. Her condition will become urgent during Thursday's show and viewers already know that Ryan will be a match since Kevin is. However, it may take a few more days for all of that to fall into place.

Will this cabin confrontation really bring the end to Ryan or will he somehow survive and possibly even escape again? Will Ava feel as if she's gotten the revenge she's needed after all of this is over? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are juicy scenes ahead as all of this plays out and fans cannot wait to watch.